Taube and Koret Award New Collaborative Funds to Museum of the History of Polish Jews

The Koret Foundation is awarding a grant of $3 million to the Polish Jewish  Museum, dramatically rising on the sacred grounds of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. This new grant constitutes the largest single gift from private funds to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (MHPJ) to date.

In addition, the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture has announced a new $1 million grant to the Museum.  The Taube grant, together with $1 million of the Koret grant, will require a 1:1 match. Including the $2 million in matching funds, a total of $6 million will be awarded to the MHPJ – by far the largest collaborative gift to the Museum since its inception. There is no more urgent time than now to help finance the installation of the Core Exhibition and ensure a 2013 Grand Opening. Please join the Taube and Koret Foundation in this collaborative grant-making to a world-class Jewish cultural and educational center.

The new $3 million grant from the Koret Foundation follows more than $2 million in previous grants by Koret and $1.3 million by the Taube Foundation. In all, the Koret and Taube Foundations will have contributed a total of $7.3 million to the Museum since 2007.

In recent years, the Taube and Koret Foundations have also raised $5.5 million from California donors including Jack and Helen Tramiel; the late Warren Hellman; Eric Benhamou; Myron Zimmerman; John Friedenrich; James Koshland; Carol and Harry Saal; and several others. Taken together, the Taube and Koret Foundations have provided nearly $13 million for the MHPJ.

Given our fundraising successes, we have decided to consolidate our fundraising efforts into a new US entity in support of the Museum, called "The American Friends of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews" (in formation). We are confident that The American Friends can raise a significant portion of the remaining funds for the Museum's Core Exhibition.

In closing, we would like to take this opportunity to personally recognize and thank Piotr Wislicki, Marian Turski, and their competent team at the Museum. It is an honor to cooperate with them as well as with our fellow Distinguished Benefactors, the Polish Government, and the City of Warsaw on this historic project.

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Congratulations to Mr. Marian Turski, a Polish Holocaust survivor, who was awarded the prestigious French National Order of the Legion of Honor on Monday, March 26, 2012, for his contribution to shaping relations between the Jewish Diaspora, France and Poland. Marian is the Council Chairman of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, to which the Taube and Koret Foundations have provided $13 million in support of its Core Exhibition.

The article that was published on Friday, March 23, 2012, in the JTA: The Jewish Global News Service follows:

Koret to give $3 million to Polish Jewish museum

March 23, 2012

(JTA) -- The Koret Foundation announced a $3 million dollar gift to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.

Of that amount, $1 million requires a 1:1 match. The Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture also offered the museum a $1 million grant requiring a match.

The museum, a monumental undertaking in the heart of the Polish capital, is due to open in 2013 on the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. The cost of construction is more than $70 million, and the museum is expected to attract a million visitors annually.

"The Museum of the History of Polish Jews addresses two key initiatives of the Koret Foundation," said Tad Taube, the Koret board president and an honorary consul of Poland in San Francisco. "The Koret Taube Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood offers a framework for engaging in the global conversation about collective Jewish experience and identity. And our Koret Initiative to Combat Anti-Semitism is dedicated to curbing the rise of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activities within the local and global communities through advocacy on college campuses, public policy strategies, and review of the national and international media on the topic."

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