2020 Jewish Culture Festival Postponed


Message of Postponement from the Director of the Jewish Culture Festival


Dear Friends of the Jewish Culture Festival,

Due to the pandemic we are all facing, I have decided that the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow scheduled for 26th June – 5th July will not be held. We have been forced to postpone it until a time that will be safe for all of us. We will inform you of all decisions as soon as the situation in Poland and around the world has stabilized enough to act responsibly.

Despite being physically apart, we are still with you and we are asking you to be with us; let’s support one other in these difficult days, show mutual respect and kindness. Let's meet in the only space available - in the space of the spirit. Yes... on the internet.

We aren’t stopping our work though. We will soon post information about the Festival's presence in a new, updated formula on our Facebook fan page and on our website.

Thanks to our donors and to your dedication, the Festival will continue to exist and develop. Over the past thirty-two years, we've created a space of spiritual and intellectual presence that will be threatened by neither the COVID-19 virus nor by an even worse menace - the virus  of hatred.

I hope that you emerge from the shadows stronger than ever before. I hope that all of us meet soon, face to face, and I persist in my unshakeable conviction that we are the ones who are capable of building our good, common, Polish - Jewish world.

Respectfully and peacefully yours,



Janusz Makuch
Director of the Jewish Culture Festival