Touchdowns for Kids

Every time the San Francisco 49ers score, the 49ers Foundation, Taube Philanthropies, and other donors make a contribution through Touchdown for Kids (TDK) to support 38 preselected Bay Area charitable organizations that support at-risk youth. Since TDK’s launch in 2011, over $1,964,000 has been contributed.

Hoops 4 Kids

Every time the Golden State Warriors make a 3-point basket, the Warriors Community Foundation, Taube Philanthropies and collaborative partners contribute $500 through Hoops 4 Kids to 30 selected Bay Area organizations supporting at-risk youth. Over $2,789,000 has been contributed since the program’s launch in 2013.

Goals for Kids

Whenever the San Jose Sharks score a goal, the Sharks Foundation, Taube Philanthropies, and collaborative partners contribute $1,000 through Goals for Kids to local organizations supporting underserved youth and families. Since the program’s launch in 2014, over $1,447,000 has been contributed to 28 preselected Bay Area charitable organizations.

ACEs for Kids

In a new venture, for every ace served in Tennis Coalition SF-sponsored events during the coming year, ACES for Kids will give $1,000 to local organizations dedicated to supporting underserved youth and families. Taube Philanthropies will provide a significant dollar match for each winning serve.