Grantmaking Guidelines

Taube Philanthropies grants focus on the following areas of concentration:

  • Education & Scholarship
  • Cultural Renewal
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Media & the Arts
  • Public Policy Research
  • Institution Building

We encourage Letters of Inquiry at any time through postal mail or email ( These inquiries should include:

  • A narrative that clearly identifies the project or problem that needs to be addressed (no more than three pages)
  • Goals and activities of the program or project
  • Estimated budget, project timeline and listing of anticipated impacts
  • Grantee profile, brief organizational history, previous support from Taube Philanthropies
  • Other financial contributors
  • Board or advisory roster
  • Financial statements
  • Federal tax-exempt letter

Priorities for support by the Taube Philanthropies correspond generally to their guiding principles and apply to programs and projects in the areas of education, youth, public affairs, advancement of free enterprise and community services. Grants to Jewish institutions and agencies should address directly the mission of the Foundation. The Taube Philanthropies make grants throughout the year and there are no application deadlines. It is prudent, however, to submit a Letter of Inquiry at least three months prior to the need for philanthropic funds.

LIMITATIONS: Taube Philanthropies give priority to nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Israel and Poland. Generally no grants will be made to individuals, annual campaigns, research projects, hospitals, loans, endowments, start-ups or deficit financing. Taube Philanthropies will not make grants to non-U.S. charitable organizations. Grants may be made to U.S. public charities that carry on charitable activities outside the U.S. and that exercise expenditure responsibility, including fiscal agency relationships. In all cases, Taube Philanthropies require evidence of U.S. public charity status.

PLEASE DIRECT letters of inquiry, or requests for further information, to:

1050 Ralston Avenue, Belmont, CA 94002