San Mateo County Historical Association and Museum Taube Family Carriage House Project


To assist the San Mateo County Historical Association and Museum in Redwood City in creating a facility for showcasing its prized collection of 30 horse-drawn carriages from the 19th and early 20th century, as well as historical automobiles and related items associated with the exploration and settlement of San Mateo County, Taube Philanthropies committed a $7 million grant to the total capital campaign. The gift provides a naming of the new facility, the Taube Family Carriage House. In addition, the entrance exhibit gallery will be named the Taube Legacy Gallery. The 14,000 sq. ft., three-level building will have glass walls so that nighttime lighting will allow the public to gaze in and enjoy the displays at any time. A rooftop terrace and ground floor courtyard will host events and enable summertime museum camps for children. Seeking to encourage collaborative philanthropic partners in support of the project, Taube Philanthropies has divided its gift into two parts. The first part, for $1 million, is provided as matching funds and the second $6 million gift will be paid as construction of the facility proceeds. Currently the museum is in the final stretch of completing the capital campaign with close to $3 million still to be raised.

Ground Floor visualization

1973 426 Park Phaeton