Taube Philanthropies congratulates Janusz Makuch, Krakow Jewish Culture Festival Director, on receiving "Friend of Israel" recognition from Israeli Embassy

Photo: David Weiland

Israeli Ambassador to Poland, Hon. Anna Azari, presents the "Friend of Israel" award to Janusz Makuch, Jewish Culture Festival director. Photo: Bogdan Krężel

During the final night concert of the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, Poland, the outdoor audience of 15,000 people watched as Janusz Makuch – the Festival's co-founder and long-time director – received the distinguished title “Friend of Israel” from Hon. Anna Azari, Israeli Ambassador to Poland, together with a personal letter from Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel. Israeli embassies throughout the world, on the occasion of Israel’s anniversary, had chosen one person from each country to receive this honorable distinction.

Taube Philanthropies is a long-time supporter of the Krakow Jewish Culture Festival.

From the letter by President of Israel Reuven Rivlin:

"This year the State of Israel is celebrating its 70th anniversary and during this year we want to recognize exceptional people who have made a special contribution to promoting Israel and its culture and you are certainly one of them. (…) During this festive year, I want to thank you for your inspiring initiative and untiring activity and to wish you personally, and all people involved in continuing this beautiful Krakow tradition, many more successes. I send you my thanks and deep appreciation on behalf of the State of Israel."

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