Stanford–Weizmann Institute Research Collaborative in Childhood Leukemia

Weizmann Stanford Collaboration in Pediatric Leukemia Research

Taube Philanthropies has committed $500,000 over four years to a research collaborative formed by Stanford University in California and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, in which talent and resources will be combined to give all children with leukemia a better chance to live long and healthy lives. The joint study, carried out by Dr. Maya Kasowski at Stanford and Dr. Ayelet Erez at the Weizmann Institute, will look closely at the biochemical processes (metabolomics) involved in the two most common childhood leukemias. The discoveries resulting from this research will help create targeted, personalized treatments for children with leukemia that will greatly increase their chances of surviving this disease and that may be safer than standard chemotherapy. Together, they intend to address one of the most heartbreaking situations in children’s medicine—the return of cancer following a treatment that had previously worked. The Taube grant of $500,000 will be matched 1:1.